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Job Boards as a service

JobBoardsHQ is a web application which allows users to build niche job boards for their website.


JobBoardsHQ is a site which allows people to start their own Job boards. At a high level it allows people to create job boards with following functionality

  1. Add jobs. (Free or Charged)
  2. Viewers can browse jobs.

(Wishlist) 3. Job seekers can upload resumes. 4. Job board owner can browse resumes.


Important points

  1. Job board owners can add their own fields.
  2. Ability to map arbitary domains, via cnames.
  3. JBO Can charge arbitary prices per jobs.
  4. JBO can put their own script (like Goog Analytic) on their own job board.
  5. User controlled navigation (Choose what links show up)
  6. JBO can have custom pages, like "About", "Privacy policy"
  7. Templates per JB.